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Congratulations for taking the first step towards a positive change. There is no doubt that exercise and healthy diet will keep you young and healthy and at FIT Republic we have gone to great measures to ensure that you get that and more.

FIT Republic is Bendigo’s premiere fitness facility! We will be here for you every step of the way with awesome facilities, unbeatable fitness programs and a dedicated team of experts, and all the personalised service you need to be motivated, supported and inspired.

At FIT Republic, we offer an impressive range of equipment for your personal health and fitness and over 40 Group Fitness classes per week. You may also want to take your fitness a step further by training in “moveSKILL” or our nationally renowned “martial arts” program.

Go on, contact us to find out how we will help you achieved your personal fitness goals TODAY!

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Our Story

Far from just 'another gym' in Bendigo, Fit Republic has a history of helping hundreds of our clients to turn their lives around and improve their fitness and wellbeing. Discover who were are, what we do and what drives us.